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Historic Halifax Street

London Rubber Stamp was borne of the capable hands of Mr. Delatore in 1884. Upon his arrival in Canada in that same year, he named the company in honour of his homeland. London Rubber Stamp is one of the oldest surviving and thriving companies in Halifax.

Over the span of nearly 130 years, London Rubber Stamp has seen many changes in the types of technology used to manufacture our products. The ability to change with the times has always been a key element in the survival of our company. With each new generation of technology comes the ability to supply a wider range of products and a quicker turnaround for the customer, creating an always evolving work environment for our employees.

A loyal customer base has always been essential to our success and can only be attributed to producing quality products and great service, and ensuring customer satisfaction. London Rubber Stamp helps our customers find the best product solution for their needs. In some cases this has led to the expansion of our product line or breaking new ground in manufacturing. London Rubber Stamp manufactures most of our products in-house, enabling us to accommodate customers in the same day in many cases.